Anwar Elahi, Director CIFIA,
293, Kingsway, Cheadle, Stockport
Cheshire - SK8 1LP, UK
E-Mail - [email protected]
Phone - 004 793 956 1428



I am in UK for the past 42 years.   I am married with two boys, one is 30 years and the other is 17 years of age. I have degree in accountancy from Pakistan and a degree in Business Management from Salford University Britain.

I have always been Ahle Sunnat wal Jamah and have been in this country well before the flood of Wahabism and more over Deobandis, who are very convEniently calling themselves Ahle Sunnat and Hanafi these days.  

I teach Qur'an with Tajweed and also support and co-organise a charity in Pakistan to provide monthly food bags to about 35 families who are extremely needy.  I wish to expand my program and hope Insha Allah, Sadiqa Habib Pak huzoor Nabi Pak Sallalla Hu Alaihi Wassalam,  Allah Rabul Izzat will be kind and give a humblest of human being like me a chance to serve Hazoor Nabi Pak (saws) Ummah any way which Allah Jalla Jalalahu  sees fit.

I also conduct Zikr Mehfils on Thursdays at  my home and I go for Zikr on Mondays to Victoria Central Mosque which Alhamdu Lillah is still very much Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat. 

I do Eesal-e-Sawab for my dead relatives every day. I do Khatam every week. I celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi (saws) at our house and I attend Milad celebrations wherever possible.  

I am a regular visitor to the Raudhas of Awliya Allah in Pakistan.  I have been to Istambul, Topecopy Museum, Hazrat Ayub Ansari Razi Allah Unhu and hope to pay a visit to Moulana Rome (r)  soon.

Alhamdu Lillah I have been to Haj twice; last time in 2010.  I have also been to Umra five times and the best place on Earth is MADINA SHAREEF.

I have realized that our innocent youth are easily sucked into Wahhabism by the Wahhabi/Deobandi missionaries all over UK, therefore I had been doing a lot of research lately to counter this threat.  There I found  CIFIA, a God gift to Ahle Sunnah wal jamah in the world.  

I have no words to praise the services of CIFIA in propagating Sahih Iman and Unity among Ahle Sunnah in the world. And now, I feel honored to be associated with CIFIA as Director for Manchester Region.

Currently, I am conducting classes for people who are interested to learn Sahih Iman and Sahih Islam.  If  I can do some thing for our Muslim Brothers and sisters;  Umma of Hazoor Nabi PAK (saws) I would definitely do it as far as possible. In association with CIFIA, Insha Allah, I will make a mark in Manchester as well as on Internet/Facebook.