Muhammad Muhammud barre Elfikki, Director CIFIA 
Garsor, Galkaio, Puntland, Somalia
Current Address :
Sambag I, Urgello, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
E-mail -  [email protected]
Phone 063 915 862 6701   

I am of Somali ethnicity and Somalia in nationality. I hold a Bachelors degree in Biological sciences. I am pursuing Bachelors Degree in Medicine.  Currently I live in Philippines.

I started studying Islamic studies at young age, but the problem was the people who were around me were Salafis except my family.  I follow Shafii school and with respect of Aqeedah, I am Asha'ari.

I am very much impressed from Sahih Iman propagation work undertaken by CIFIA in the world and feel honored to be member of CIFIA's Directors Team.  I was always looking for Sahih Iman because there are many confusions in the Muslim world especially in my country.

As part of CIFIA Global Program for Sahih Iman, and using online resources of CIFIA and their associates throughout the world, I aim at enlightening our Muslim brothers and sisters in Somalia to the right path of Islam, In Sha Allah.

I was greatly inspired by CIFIA and am actively learning the technique of debate about Sahih Iman by reading the Articles on CIFIA Network.  I am following the short course program as detailed by CIFIA.

I am member of Correct Islamic Faith International Association and very active on social networking on Facebook.  I am also member of Correct Islamic Faith Group on FB.

I am also developing  a Team on Facebook on Sahih Iman. 

I am available on FB on the following account. .