الدعوة للإيمان صحيح


 CIFIA GLOBAL has embarked on a massive program to train one million Propagators of Sahih Iman in the World. We are providing Sahih Iman information and Guidance to Ahle Sunnah Youth for this purpose.  

Correct Islamic Faith is the primary requirement for our revival in this world and our Salvation in Hereafter.  On the Day of Judgment, people will be treated as per their faith.  If your basic Islamic faith is not correct, you are sure to be thrown in eternal fire (Hadith Tirmidhi). 

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In this context it is our primary responsibility that we not only learn about Sahih Iman, but also explain it to our family members, friends and others. 

We have discussed important points below which will help you in your Sahih Iman Propagation Campaign in your area.





Consider people in your family, friends and in your neighborhood who could benefit from the truthful Islamic Teachings. 

Note down Islamic issues, you know better,  that can be explained to them. 

Think about doubts they may have about Sahih Iman and on the basis of your general experience, note down possible questions they may ask.  Prepare for their answers from the Short Course Articles on CIFIA.

If you realize that you hesitate to approach people, then think about the ways to overcome it.  To start with discuss about a small gathering of people from one person at a time. Note down their reactions. In the beginning you may face some problems because of your inexperience.  Ignore initial hiccups.  After discussing the issue with some people on one-on-one basis, you will overcome your hesitation.

If you find that the issue faced by you is to choose the interesting topics of discussion or ideas to be shared in your gathering,   then try to choose a topic which is popularly debated among Muslims.  Choose more than one topic to be discussed in your gatherings so that people do not get bored in initial gatherings.  Gradually, increase your time on religious issues.  Your positive interaction with people will make you popular in society.




There may be some Islamic issues that you are passionate to tell people about.  There may be issues which can easily be discussed with people. You can identify these issues for discussion among your friends; like rising prices, corruption, educational standards, etc.  At the same time seek their attention to know about Sahih Iman as well because on it depends our salvation in Hereafter.  If you emphasize the Sahih Iman issue in a positive way, people will agree to discuss and will share their views. 

Try to explore on line resources / Internet that are commonly acceptable to people.  The convincing Articles about Sahih Iman on CIFIA may be very useful because we have quoted extensively from Quran and Ahadith while describing  facts about Sahih Iman.    

Arrange people to sit at a comfortable place and lead them to get involved.  Listen to their views carefully and try to explain issues as per their understanding requirements.  Do not reject their points of view because this will close the debate.  

In these gatherings you will realize how people look at issues and how these issues are affecting their personal lives and their Islamic beliefs. At this stage you will know how others think and how they can be convinced.  You will also learn how you can bring change in their way of thinking and bring the required change in their lives.




Whatever comes out of your initial meetings, agree with people on further actions;  like having more such meetings in the following weeks and months.  See if they can be motivated in building a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people.   Here is the chance to take action and make a difference in your community. 



You can also initiate a friendly discussion over tea, etc.,  among your friends without telling them in advance about the purpose of the gathering.  You can casually inform that you have been a regular visitor/member/director of CIFIA and are impressed with their explanations about Sahih Iman. Or you can casually start the conversation saying that you happened to stumble upon a site which gives interesting information about Correct Islamic Faith.  

During your interactions, take others' points of view coolly.  Do not jump into conclusions.  Always remember, they are not your enemies and you are not their enemy either.  It is a friendly dialogue that should remain pleasant and  polite at all costs.

Avoid heated arguments.  These arguments kill the purpose of your dialogue.  Do not say to people on their face that they are wrong doers. This hurts individual ego and results in communication deadlock.  Tell them that the purpose of your discussion is to clear misunderstandings and misconceptions about Quranic verses and Ahadith.  Do not emphasize upon the sayings of the Sufi Shaikhs.  You can always quote their good deeds, but try to reason your arguments more from Quran and Sunnah because this is the only way acceptable to people these days.

In spite of all your efforts, sometimes some people never come to common terms and insist upon their way of thinking.  What can we do about it.  Leave them there.  But your dialogues do help you in many ways, read on. 

  • It helps you to come out of your shell and learn the art of effective communications.  Gradually it makes you an expert in religious polemics (debates). 
  • Your friends start appreciating you as a person of knowledge. Gradually you gain their confidence.  They start trusting you and come to you for various issues related to Islamic faith.
  •  Most important of all, it helps neutral people to make up their mind and come to the right path of Islam. 
  • Generally in a group of 5 to 10 people, only two or three will be talking and the rest will be silent listeners.  The listeners evaluate the soundness of arguments of both sides.  Your win and catch is here.  You can change the mindset of the silent listeners.  Do not bother if the people who have argued with you did not agree to your way of explanations. But you have been successful to bring a few people back to the right path of Islam.  Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) will reward you abundantly for your efforts. 
  • Your win does not end there.  The people who were convinced from you during the dialogue will bring more people to you.  Gradually you can do wonders.  This process generally takes years and sometimes decades.  Don't bother.  You are loosing nothing.  A few hours weekly for such a great task is worth the trial.  Rewards do come.  Don't lose heart from people's apathy (indifference) and criticism  in the initial months and years.  Things do change over time.  Have strong faith in Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) and Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) .

  • Before we attempt to do anything in life, we will have to develop a positive mindset.  This is the most difficult thing.  We need motivation to develop positive emotions.  To motivate yourself, think  -  do we really love Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) ?  If we do, then we should be able to prove it.
  • The Islam, Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) brought for us,  and its truthful traditions he established are fast fading from the face of this earth.  Can't we motivate ourselves to reverse this trend.  Start with a modest target of explaining Correct Islamic Faith to your family members and close associates.  Gradually expand the area of your operations.  
  • Once you are decided, start working on it immediately. Procrastination - meaning "I will start from tomorrow, from next week, after this month" - all these are negative thoughts.  They gradually kill your motivation.
  • Start reading Articles of our Short Courses.  You can read them on line or take a print out of  pages and study them at your free time. Spend a few days in this activity.
  • Form a small group of 2 or 3 or more like minded people.  Select a drawing room of one of your group members where you can have some privacy.  Sit there in a relaxed mood.  Let every member speak on the subject one after the other, both in English and in your mother tongue.    
  • Organize these practice sessions regularly for a few days.  When you are convinced that you can speak on this subject freely, without searching for words, invite other friends at mutually acceptable locations.  Start talking on the subject of Correct Islamic Faith casually.  Mention about CIFIA or other sources that are mutually acceptable and trustworthy.
  • Don't be afraid if you are let down in the first few meetings.  This will motivate you to study further and prepare yourself more before interacting on the subject.
  • Gradually, you will realize that you are more successful in your trials.  Later,  you don't have to prepare for anything.  You can casually go and talk to anyone on the subject.  Your confidence will speak and impress them.
  • There are many Private Groups on Internet. They use the services of famous sites like Yahoo, Google, etc. to discuss issues of mutual interest.  These groups enjoy their virtual company.  If you happen to be a member of such groups, initiate a dialogue on Correct Islamic Faith and try to motivate people to come forward and work in this Project as a Director or Volunteer. 
  • People will resist.  Some may even criticize you.  Don't bother.  Keep cool and politely answer their apprehensions and psychological barriers they have developed in their minds. Someone has to come forward.  Others will follow.  As memberships of these private groups are large, you will have a ready-made platform to spread the correct message of Islam.  
  • Look for like-minded Sunni groups / sites on Internet.  Become member of these groups and try to motivate members  in this project.   Fix achievable targets.  Think  what can be accomplished in the first month, first quarter or year.  With this spirit, imagine what could be achieved by you during your life time. 
  • Be positive.  Be assured.  You are working for a cause.   Allah's (سبحانہ و تعا لی) support and Prophet Mohammad's (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) blessings are with you.  Sooner or later, you will succeed in this endeavor.  Not only you will save your family members, but Insha-Allah you will also save many more in your neighborhood / town from falling victim to faithlessness and ultimate Hell Fire. 



Remember, learning  about  leading people is only the first step to develop important skills you need to have for a lasting impact on Muslim society.  The extent of your impact will depend on your capacity and the capacity of your team to create meaningful and sustainable change in Muslims under CIFIA’s guidance.    In this you will have the chance to begin your journey with insight and  through inspiring and engaging people around you with the goal of making the behavioral and peaceful change you want to see in this world.

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You can contact CIFIA GLOBAL for guidance on day to day basis.  If your requirements increase, we will establish a permanent CIFIA GLOBAL Guidance Cell who will respond to your on line requests on priority basis.