Musztafa Taleb, Director CIFIA
Melbourne, Victoria,
E-mail - [email protected]
Phone -  040 488 5990

I live in Melbourne, Australia but often travel to Europe, specially Hungary.  I am a Craftsperson in wood and currently studying to become a professional Carpenter as per Australian AS 1684  standards.

I was born as a Christian During my high school years, I was forced to quit school as I was unable to sustain excessive discrimination against me for my Hungarian-Turkic origin by Jewish and Jewish-controlled students and management. 

Many subjects in high school in Hungary are taught, based on Zionist propaganda.  They brainwash young people to be anti-God.  They teach Darwinist theories and claim that there is no God, nor any Creator and that humans were evolved from Apes and fishes of the oceans.  In history classes, they teach misleading arrogant Zionist doctrines and claim that Germans and Hungarians were butchers of Jews, while Muslims were known for terrorizing innocent people throughout the history.  I did not like the discrimination and spread of  hatred that was being carried out in an organized way and left school in search of something more meaningful and important in life. 

Around 2005 I felt suicidal as I found that there was nothing in the world that was worth it for me to live.  This was the time I started to ask Muslims about Islam and they explain it to me and gave me some Islamic books to read. 

My life took a turn when I started to read holy Quran with English translation for the first time.  Within a few minutes, I felt overwhelmed with a complete peace of mind and something totally different, away from my anxiety, that I can not explain it to anyone in words. Not only I received the peace and a strange feeling inside my heart,  but my mind was opened and I started to clearly understand the whole situation; what's going on in this world Al-Hamdulillah.

In 2006 I recited Shahadah in a Tablighi Jamaat's mosque in front of a large gatheringHowever, within a few weeks, I realized that something was not right in the Tableeghi mosque; so I left it.

A few months later I found another mosque This time it was the Salafis; who encouraged me to learn Islam under their preachers. I accepted their offer and started considering myself a Salafi.  I thought Salafis were the only real Muslims that they were on truth, from among  73 sects of Muslims.

But, soon I realized they were worst than tabhleeghis.  The way they preached Islam was very aggressive, intolerant, extreme and narrow-minded.  They claimed that anyone who does not follow their beliefs is either a hypocrite or a disbeliever. They asserted that speaking the language of the disbelievers is haram, calling yourself by your ethnic name or loving your home land is haram. Because of their extreme intolerance of other nations and people, I reacted emotionally and developed a resistance against Islam and Muslims.  They made me, by all possible means, to hate Islam.    

But I remained patient and turned towards Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) for guidance.  I prayed many times earnestly in this regard.  During this time, the first thing which hit me about about Islam was the famous website called "Surrendering Islam"  by Mustaqim Bleher and David Livingstone. They explained about the dangers of Wahhabism and Salafism and because of that, I woke up and distanced myself from Salafis.  The Salafis gave me nothing but depression and anxiety in which I was even treated by doctors for my depression. I realized that Wahhabi salafists are not on the right path and that they were just another sect of Islam.   

A year later, I found out about CIFIA.  It was CIFIA who provided nearly every single proof and evidence, based on the Quran and Ahadiths, that refuted every single belief and ideology of the deviant sects of Islam; Wahhabis, Salafis, Tablighis and many others. Any doubt I had, I looked it up in CIFIA Network and even asked members of CIFIA Team and was totally satisfied with the explanations.

CIFIA's campaign not only brought my love for Islam back but also made me more dedicated to spread Sahih Islam in the World.  It was CIFIA who also inculcated love in my heart for my own countrymen.  I became anti-racist, anti-hater and a reformist who would like to help my countrymen (Hungarians) to come out of the clutches of hate mongers and to rid them from vices of all kinds.  I started praying for my peoples' welfare and safety from natural calamities and man-made economic disasters.  

CIFIA's teachings had profound effect on me, and today I am completely different person as compared to what I was a few years ago.  May Allah (سبحانہ و تعا لی) bless and grant success to CIFIA and its members for their most active mission to reform the world from all kinds of evil.

I am sure, Sahih Iman that will eventually overtake this world will trace its origins from CIFIA's active Dawa which is changing peoples' hearts in the world at such rapid pace. 

I feel honored to be part of CIFIA Directors' Team and look forward to Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri's blessings, Dua, and CIFIA's guidance in Sahih Iman propagation in Melbourne and Hungary. 

I will work to develop local CIFIA teams here who will facilitate in my endeavors.