أكبر رابطة اسلامية في العالم
CIFIA  is a true representative  and undisputed face of Ahle Sunnah wal Jama'a in the world. We have been successful in bringing all Ahle Sunnah of the world to a common platform.

Correct Islamic Faith International Association (CIFIA) is working tirelessly to spread Sahih Iman in the world.  

The teachings of Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri  are widely accepted in the world as truly authentic, based on Quran and Ahadith  and millions of misguided Muslims have already come back to the straight path of Islam after reading his articles on Cifia Network. He is a towering religious figure of our time who has successfully united the entire Ahle Sunnah in the world at one platform, a remarkable feat rarely witnessed in Islamic history. He is the guiding light behind CIFIA and his teachings are accepted by literally all Ahle Sunnah belonging to all groups and followers of all prominent scholars of our time.

Having successfully established  on Internet, we are now focusing our attention at regional level and physical mass contact with people in every country of the world.  That is the reason we are spreading the network of Directors in every City, District, State of the world.    

We will reach out to all Muslim masses at ground level through our Directors in every city and state of the world.  We are sure, our Directors will enjoy special status in Muslim society as they are representing CIFIA, the undisputed Global Organization of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama'a.

Our Directors will workout different strategies to develop Teams at city/state levels to propagate Sahih Iman among Muslims. 

(1)  There are three self study short courses as follows.  Directors will instill Sahih Iman in the hearts of the people based on the information available in these short courses.  

Short Course I

Short Course II

Short Course III

(2) Initially, they will explain Sahih Iman to their family members.  Gradually, they invite their close friends at  small gathering at a common place and explain them the contents of Sahih Iman from Short Course Articles.

(3) They will develop dedicated teams to expand their activities in their designated areas.  They will encourage people to become members of CIFIA so that they could be updated on CIFIA propagation campaign in the world.  

(4)  They will build  'effective pages' on Face book, Twitter and other social network sites and make people members of their groups.  They will also join various Forums and Internet groups and explain members of those groups about Sahih Iman. 

(5) As a result of their propagation efforts,  many people will start looking to them for Sahih Iman explanations and this way we will make a mass movement of Sahih Iman in the world.

(6) Later, the Directors will extend their propagation activities to local mosques, or arranged gatherings.  Their experience will guide them how to be a good propagator of Correct Islamic Faith.

(7) Most importantly, our Directors will be  Sahih-ul-Aqeedah Ahle Sunnah Muslim who will declare and pledge allegiance to Sahih Iman as detailed in Sahi Iman Short Courses described above.  As Director CIFIA they are not expected to propagate wrongful Islamic teachings associated with Muslim Sects, particularly, Salafi, Deobandi and Shia Groups.

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