Mohammad Zahid Siddiqui, Director CIFIA
Aligarh Muslim University, UP, India
Email - [email protected]
Phone - 752 008 6767,  841 014 439011

I have studied Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University.  I am actively involved in Correct Islamic Faith propagation in and around Aligarh and on Internet.  Currently, I am developing a team of dedicated preachers of Sahih Iman who will clear the doubts of various Muslim sects about Sahih Iman.
I am also Zonal Secretary for East Utter Pradesh for Muslims Students Organization (MSO) of India (an Associate Islamic Institution of CIFIA), which is the student wing of Ahle Sunna wal Jama'a of India.  MSO was established at Aligarh in 1977 by the reputed Sunni scholar Shaikh Ismael Wafa.  Its Central offices is located at Daryaganj, New Delhi.  It has several units across India; prominent among them are at AMU Aligarh, Jamia Hamdard, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Rajasthan University, Sunni Markaz Kerala, and Jamia Sadia College.  Syed Muhammad Quadri is the current National President of the organization.
I am also Zonal President, East Utter Pradesh of  "Allahabad Qadriya Alumni", a Group formed on the principles of Islam as guided by Nabi-e-kareem (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) and as followed by Sahaba-e-kiram (رضئ اللھ تعالی عنہم اجمعین ) and Auliya-e-kiram. Our objective is to motivate Indian Muslim youths to build up the nation as a responsible and sincere citizen of India and to contribute maximum for the development of modern India in all aspects.  This group is running under the banner of Muslim Student Organization of India,  Allahabad Unit under the  guidance of Sajjadahnasheen Khankahe Barkatia Marehra shareef, Prof. Syed Mohammad Amin Miyan Qadri Barkati.