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CIFIA has created a "Quite Revolution of Sahih Iman" in the world. It is helping Muslims in many ways;  from  protection of  Aqeedah (Iman) to educating / training people to be a good Muslim. We attempt to instill humanistic moral values among Muslims with which they can become model citizens of their respective countries around the Globe. We also prepare our Muslim brothers and sisters to pass the test of grave (after their death) and get rewarded with Salvation on the Day of Judgment.  

The purpose of formation of  CIFIA (Correct Islamic Faith International Association) is to spread  Ilm-e-Sahih in the World so that peoples' hearts glitter with Tawheed.  Purity of heart depends upon Ilm-e-Sahih (Correct Islamic Knowledge) about Allah (swt) and His Cosmos.
CIFIA has  established Representative Offices around the Globe. The primary responsibility of our Overseas offices  is to propagate Sahih Iman in their respective areas of the world. Directors CIFIA, who are in-charge of these offices,  serve Muslims in their respective areas on voluntary basis. They undertake many activities in their areas to reach out to people and make sure that Ilme-e-Sahih reaches every Muslim home.
Short Courses have been developed by CIFIA,  containing Articles on Sahih Iman.  The information in these articles is as per Quran and Sunnah, written in accordance with the  understanding requirements of  the present day generations. Directors will explain people Sahih Iman as per the information contained in Cifia Short Course Articles. 
The coordination work for all the above activities is carried out  at Association's Office at CIFIA under the direct supervision of  Shaikh Mir Asedullah Quadri. The Shaikh reforms people by Tabhleegh, Tawojjoh and Tazkia.

Our offices are located at 9-4-133/B/7, 3rd floor, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India. For General inquiries please send us an e-mail at [email protected]